November Portrait Mini Session Special

Portrait Mini Sessions Nov 2014C

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These three came into our studio late one night for their photo session.  It was dark, miserably wet and cold outside and there were even a few snowflakes!  As they came in the studio I greeted them, in the usual way, although there was something peculiar….they were alone.  Now, except for headshots and corporate images, it unusual for three men to come alone  into a fine art photography studio for portraits.  Often a wife, mother or grandmother has to bride, threaten or both to get men to come in for portraits.  Again, as always, we were soon joking, laughing and have a great time….although dad kept an eye on his watch…he was hungry!  Their biggest fear was “having to come back again for a reshoot”…that is too funny.  So, they all posed, laughed and now have wonderful, heirloom images for future generations to view and enjoy.  Here are a few examples of their images..there are many more.


I’m still not sure how the wife-mother-grandmother convinced these three guys to come in alone on such a wintery cold night….but they will be forever happy that they did!


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