“Words simply cannot express how much I appreciate your photos. The day went by so quickly for me, and many of the memories are a blur. In your photos, I can continue to relive my wedding day any time. This is truly priceless! You have captured all the moments and emotions of the day- the nervousness, the happiness, the laughter and jokes…I don’t know how you do it, but you did not miss anything!!! You are undoubtedly, the most talented, passionate and enthusiastic photographer and this is reflected in your work. Thank you for everything- it was a real honor to have you as my wedding photographer!”

“Chris was wonderful! He was extremely helpful and gave great suggestions. Our pictures are breathtaking and we couldn’t be happier!”

“Ben & Bella Photography was absolutely amazing. From the very first conversation I had with Chris & Natalia their professionalism and commitment to serving us as customers has been impeccable. Our Engagement session was fun and the pictures are simply loved, especially by our family. The Bridal portrait on display at our reception was a beautiful addition…and noticed by everyone. Chris was very punctual and professional at all of our shoots! He is such a nice guy, and we absolutely love him! He does whatever it takes to capture the perfect photo! He was highly recommended by a friend, and we would undoubtedly recommend him to other people looking for top notch service, impressive photos, and a great photography experience on their wedding day! ”

“Chris is a kind, patient photographer and is there to capture whatever you ask for. His studio exhibits beautiful portraits, the Santa pics are my favorite but I havent actually viewed my wedding pics as of yet.”

“The staff was extremely professional and our pictures were just amazing. The quality of the services by Ben and Bella is truly exceptional. We will forever cherish our images…”

“I found Chris Caggiano to be a true professional. He consistently went above and beyond what he had to, to get the most stunning and impressive photographs of my daughter’s wedding. ”

“Ben and Bella Photography provided us with one of the best wedding gifts any newly weds could have… beautiful photographs captivating the essence, key moments, and fine details of one of the best days of their lives. Chris captured everything from the bride and groom’s prepartion, to amazing, mulit-prespectives of the ceremony, after ceremony family and bridal party pictures, to the receiption. He captured the beauty of the simplest things as well. To this day my husband and I look at our photos in awe and think we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer! Thank you sooo much Ben and Bell Photography!!!”

“All the photography of my Granddaughters wedding was done by Ben & Bella Photography. The pictures are truly exceptional!! The detail and the beauty of these pictures are breath taking. Everyone was completely at ease with the photographer, Chris Caggiano, who was able to capture the very essence of true love. He took the time to talk with everyone, explain his intentions with poses and left us all with memories that will be cherished down through the generations. So, if there is anyone hesitant…don’t be. I promise you will be satisfied beyond your expectations :-)”

“Chris did all the photography for my granddaughter’s wedding, and did a wonderful job. All of the pictures came out just beautiful, he did a wonderful job, and was able to capture all the beauty of every moment for us to enjoy for ever. He was easy to work with and I would recommend him to anybody who wanted to have top quality photographs taken that would capture every detail and moment. Thank you again Mr. Caggiano”

“Chris is a great photographer. First time we had met was our engagement shoot and our pictures turned out awesome.. he makes it a fun experience and knows exactly what he’s doing. He took his time throughout the wedding to get awesome shots of me and my wife and also the family/wedding party. The photos are everywhere in the house and we always get great comments about them. Highly recommend Ben & Bella!!!!”

“My wife did all of the planning for the wedding although, I did attend the consultation at Ben & Bella’s studio and met Chris, the photographer. He was very professional and he is a very talented photographer, and his studio shows that. During our wedding he was great… he even walked us through some of the traditions that me and my wife weren’t too sure what we were doing. The images he captured were more than perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything more than what he gave us. I highly recommend Chris!”

“Chris was the photographer at our wedding and he was amazing! He was extremely professional and went above and beyond to get the most perfect images of me and my husband! He was very patient and kind and was everywhere I was! He didn’t miss a beat.”

“As most grooms, I see a lot of wedding expenses as unnecessary and commercialized but I was blown away with our wedding photographer. Chris from Ben&Bella was very professional and spot on the whole time. The pictures came out outstanding. I along with my bride and our families love our photos. This surprised me as me and my bride have reputations for being perfectionists. Great photographer”

“Chris and his crew were excellent!!! He was by far the most professional vendor at our wedding. Not only was he the best photographer but him and the staff guided us through key parts of planning our wedding and did a great job during preliminary meetings as well as during the wedding itself! Our pictures are just beautiful. Ben & Bella did an amazing job. I feel like I could not have possibly chosen a better photographer. Just look at their work on their website. Thats how I found them!! By far the best and most professional photography company in North Charlotte.”

“My daughter used Ben & Bella for her wedding and we were extremely pleased with their work. HIGHLY PROFESSIONAL!! I personally also liked the fact that my daughter and I didnt have to meet the photographer at some coffee shop. Ben & Bella is an established studio company and we had the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are dealing with a professional business. Their studio in Afton Village is gorgeous. The photos are exquisite and we got three beautidul albums which we will cherish forever. Love them!!!”



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