Do you provide Digital Files?

Yes, we do provide High Resolution Digital files on DVD for all of our clients. We believe that each couple should have these High Resolution Digital Files both for their safekeeping and also for their heritage.

When will the proofs be ready for viewing?

Generally within three weeks your images will be available for online viewing.

Will the images be available for viewing online?

Yes. Your private, online galleries are available for viewing for approximately 6 months following your wedding. Friends & Family will be able to see the images online when you grant them access.

What kinds of Wedding Albums do you offer?

We offer a wide assortment of wedding albums, parent albums, grandparent albums, signature albums, and more. There are a great variety of different products available that can fit within most any budget.

In what format are the initial proofs offered?

Our wedding packages include two methods of proof presentation: (1) A password protected online gallery and (2) On DVD. In this way everyone can enjoy their favorite method of presentation. We can also present the proofs in any number of other formats if you have a special request.

When will the client get the final album?

Once we have received your final approval of the design, the album will typically be delivered within 4-6 weeks. Creating an album is a process. It is hard to specify an exact time frame because so much depends on your approval process.

How Many Photographers do you work with?

All of our clients have the option to choose one, two or several photographers and aspiring photographers (assistants) who can be an invaluable resource.

Do you charge for Travel?

Not unless the wedding is over 50 miles from our Studio. We’re pretty liberal on that as well. Call us and we’ll work something out. We do destination weddings as well and we will travel to many locations around the world. Travel considerations will be included in the wedding package and we expect our clients to reasonably compensate us for travel and lodging.

Engagement Pictures & Bridal Portraits?

All of our packages include an Engagement Session or Bridal Portrait Session (no session fee). We also offer in-studio portrait matting and framing. Many of our wedding couples choose to display a beautiful portrait from their bridal and/or engagement session(s) at their reception.

What kind of equipment do you typically bring with you on the day of?

We use only professional Digital SLR cameras. We prefer Canon…it’s our personal preference. We shoot with very fast professional glass (photographer terminology…) meaning we can shoot in low lighting conditions or can shoot wide open to create very shallow depth of field making the subject ‘pop’ against a smooth background. Some of our equipment you may not see, as we arrange to keep it out of sight until needed. If a special lighting situation arises we may choose to use a reflector or diffuser, gobo, scrim, stand etc. allowing for those wonderful impromptu images to be professionally captured. We consider it imperative to be prepared for many photographic challenges, and to also have sufficient backup in the event of equipment failure.

Are you available to shoot extra hours?

Generally this is not a question as we typically provide up to 8 hours of coverage as part of every wedding package. On very rare occurrences we provide additional coverage for $150/hr. for extended hour(s).

What is your policy on taking breaks?

 If your event will be longer than 8 hours, most are, then “Yes, please” we would appreciate it if you feed us. As for breaks….We may take a quick break to go to the rest room or get a drink of water, but we’re there to shoot and the only time we generally don’t shoot is when everyone is eating during the reception; just to be polite.

Do you reserve the right to publish the photos?

Yes we do, although we respect your requests. You might see one or more of your images on our website or blog. While we have never had an objection to this, we would certainly be sensitive to our client’s wishes if they did not want their images published.

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