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Your Ben & Bella Family photography session generally lasts 1-1.5 hours.

Approximately 7-10 days after your session you will come to the studio for a viewing & purchasing appointment. The images will be ‘touched up’ and presented to you in full color, black & white and some of our artistic enhancements. It is during this appointment that you will make your final print and product purchases. Payment Plans are available for your convenience.

Ben & Bella Photography is delighted to bring our style and visionary approach to your family. As life continues to unfold and families take root and bloom, Ben & Bella Photography will capture every magnificent step along the way…. from maternity to infancy and beyond, on hand to chronicle the incomparable beauty of pregnancy, the fleeting but breathtaking miracle of infancy, the thrilling vision of the toddler gallantly aiming for his or her first steps, and finally, the exquisite joy of children as they grow and grow – with a hip, trendy vibe and an impassioned artist’s eye. Spontaneity is our hallmark – chronicling the moments, capturing the energy, illuminating all the subtle nuances in between – and immortalizing them with radiant, gallery-worthy heirloom images you will cherish for a lifetime

WHITE is a traditional background choice with a clean and natural appeal. We also often choose a white background – or a gray background – when we are intending in creating Composites, Collages and Fine Art images. It is often also the choice for Glamour & Fashion Photography, Commercial Photography Products, Head Shots and in creating some stunning Black & White Images.

Black Backgrounds. The joy and beauty of images created on a black background are simply touching.
The reaction to a properly lit image on a black background is usually a gasp of air followed by oohs and aaaws. The subject’s delight is often brought out to its height with use of contrasts, such as more visible skin or lightly colored clothing.

Artistic Enhancements. Looking for a little something extra to give your images a WOW factor? Ben & Bella’s skilled artisans will do just that! Whether you are looking for something dreamy, vintage, retro, grungy, elegant, or punchy, we are happy to help give your images the extra attention they deserve. We excel at making images more artistic in ways our customers love.

Virtual Backgrounds: Virtual Backgrounds is a Professional Image Enhancement System that enables us here at Ben & Bella Photography to be infinitely more creative by projecting a background, live, behind our clients while working in a controlled environment where we have total control over the elements. We often use this amazing technique in creating custom backgrounds for businesses, groups, organizations, and also for Dance studios and Sports teams….just to name a few.

ON LOCATION: We also love photographing children and family portraits in the natural splendor of the outdoors. The vibrant colors and textures provide a stunning backdrop. Choosing a location that is special to your family is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your images. We can capture amazing images right outside our doors or at your special location (travel fees may apply).

Digital Painting: Digital art is like any other art…it is about the vision, message, or emotion of the artist. Digital Artistry is a medium through which Ben & Bella Photography artists create art. The artist chooses the medium (pixels) he wants to use and goes beyond “taking a digital picture” or “applying an effect” and creates one of a kind works of art – an individual expression of his vision. The results are simply stunning.

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